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Model 35 Talent Amplifier


The Model 35 Talent Amplifier is a full-featured stereo headphone amplifier (cue) for use with the StudioComm 74/75 Surround Monitoring System.

Model 35 modules are typically deployed in voice-over booths, studio areas, or other locations where voice or music talent needs access to a headphone cue feed. Using a standard 3-pin XLR-type audio cable, the Model 35 connects directly to, and is powered by, a StudioComm 74/75 system. The Model 35 provides a stereo audio amplifier, built-in level control, stereo/mono switch, and support for one or two pairs of headphones. Up to four Model 35 Talent Amplifier modules can be used with a StudioComm 74/75 system.

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Product Information & Images
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Data Sheet
Included in StudioComm 74/75 User Guide
Block Diagram
M35 Mounting Adapter Notes

Model 35 Talent Amplifier

Model 35 Talent Amplifier Front and Back Views

Model 35 Talent Amplifier Microphone Stand Adapter Kit

Model 35 Talent Amplifier Microphone Stand Adapter Kit

Power Requirements: +20-32 Vdc (modulated with left channel audio), provided by Model 74 Central Controller
Power Present LED: red, indicates presence of operating power
Input (from Model 74): 3-pin female XLR
Loop Thru: 3-pin male XLR connected in parallel with input connector
Headphone Outputs: 2, ¼ -inch, 3-conductor (stereo) phone jacks
Headphone Output: 1, feeds two headphone jacks
Load: intended for connection to one or two pairs of headphones with total impedance of 75 ohms or greater
Output Level: user adjustable
Maximum Output Voltage: 16 Vpp into 150 ohms @ 1% THD+Noise, 400 Hz
Distortion (THD+N): 0.03%
Frequency Response: 20 Hz-20 kHz ±0.5 dB

Dimensions (Overall):
4.2 inches wide (10.7 cm)
2.0 inches high (5.1 cm)
5.3 inches deep (13.5 cm)
Mounting: desktop; microphone stand mounting adapter included
Weight: 0.8 pounds (0.4 kg)

Specifications subject to change without notice.